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Dental Implants: Before & After

Dental Implants Before and After

Below are some examples of the results we achieve for our Same Day Teeth patients.


Patient 1:  Carol

In the Before picture on the left Carol presents with missing teeth, gum disease and less than ideal smile.

In the After picture on the right, you see Carol's After her Same Day Teeth procedure.  In one day, Carol received PermaDontics teeth attached to implants.  We widened the arch, used a more feminine shaped tooth, which resulted in a younger and more aesthetic smile.

dental implants san diego before and after

 Patient 2:  Richard

In the Before picture on the left, Richard presents with many missing teeth.  At the time, he was trying to wear an ill fitting partial upper denture.  He also had a full lower denture that was so painful he could not wear it.

In the After picture you will see Richard after his Same Day Teeth procedure.  His remaining four teeth were removed  and he received permanently attached teeth to five implants in the lower jaw and six dental implants in the upper jaw.  This was all accomplished in one day, and as Richard will tell you - - with no pain!

missing teeth San Diego

Patient 3:  Max

In the Before picture on the left, Max presents with a full upper denture and a partial lower denture that had broken.  Max had difficulty eating with his dentures and disliked his appearance.  He had what dentists call a "reverse smile," meaning the upper front teeth were too short and the lower front teeth were too long.

Max's After picture (right side)  show his new smile.  In one day, Max received a new upper denture and PermaDontics Same Day Teeth for his lower jaw.  His smile was corrected in our planning phase by lengthening his upper front teeth and shortening his lower front teeth to give him a more pleasing smile.

before after1


Dental Implant Slideshow and Video


Patient 4: Jeff

As you can see in the below-left  Before picture, Jeff presented with decay in multiple teeth, crooked and discolored teeth and teeth set in a very narrow arch which resulted in a very unpleasing smile.

After planning everything on the 3D model of his mouth, his teeth were removed, dental implants inserted and PermaDontics Same Day Teeth were permanently attached to the dental implants.  Jeff's new teeth have been set in a wider arch, resulting in a more pleasing smile.

before after3

Patient 5:  Maria

In her Before picture on the left, Maria presents with a full upper denture she could not wear.

In Maria's After picture (Right side) you see her new Same Day Teeth smile.  After planning and designing her new teeth, Maria received PermaDontics Same Day Teeth supported by six implants.

before after4

Patient 6:  Mary

Mary presented with many missing teeth.  She had both an upper  and lower partial denture that she wore unsuccessfully for many years.  Previous dentists had told Mary she needed bone grafting - - a lengthy treatment would take a whole year.  We determined that she still had sufficient bone left to place dental implants without needing bone grafts.

Using Permadontics innovative 3D modeling we were able to place the dental implants in  advance on a duplicate of her jaw and plan the treatment without the need for bone grafting.  In one day Mary received Same Day Teeth permanently attached to implants.  We positioned them to restore her previously unsupported lips and built up her bite which had collapsed due to her missing teeth.

all-on-four San Diego

Patient 7:  George

George presented with Gum (periodontal) disease in his upper teeth.  His teeth were crooked and discolored.  He had previously undergone extensive gum surgery and was told he now needed more gum surgery followed by multiple caps (crowns).

George decided that he’d had enough dental treatment and asked us to perform our Same Day Teeth procedure.  We removed his upper teeth, installed our Same Day Teeth anchored to dental implants.  This was accomplished in one day with very little pain due to precise planning and insertion of the implants using our 3D imaging scanner.

Same Day Teeth La Mesa

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