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  Drs. Joel Berger and Ian Aires, founders of The PermaDontics Center and innovators of the Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure are sharing some of their patients’ reviews of their PermaDontics experience.

Dr. Berger, Oral Surgeon, said, “For several years, we have asked in our ads:  Are you embarrassed by your missing teeth?  Are your dentures preventing you from eating the foods you like?  Have you been told that there is nothing more that can be done for you?”  He continued, “These are the types of stories we have heard from our Same Day Teeth dental implant patients.  Living with these types of issues has a profound effect on people.”

“We have found that many of our patients developed elaborate coping mechanisms to deal with the fact that they were missing teeth, or couldn’t eat food with confidence because their dentures slipped so much,” agreed Dr. Aires, Prosthodontist.  “Some people only spoke or chewed with their hand in front of their mouth.  Others stopped smiling and laughing.  In some extreme cases, they became recluses.  That is why hearing from some of these same people how our Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure helped them is so moving,” he concludes.

Here’s what some PermaDontics patients are saying about their Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure:

“I am one hundred and one percent happy with my Same Day Teeth dental implant outcome - - more than words can say.  PermaDontics’ dental implants changed my life for the better!”
- -  Bev R.

“If you are looking for a permanent solution for your problem teeth, look no further.  Because that’s what PermaDontics is - - a permanent solution!”
- - Richard W.

“As a registered nurse, I knew of the excellent reputation and the years of experience Dr Berger and Dr. Aires have in the field of dental implants.  When it came to getting my teeth replaced, I didn’t need to look any further.”
            - -  Carol M.
Recently voted San Diego’s Best Dental Implant Provider in the Union Tribune Reader’s Poll, Drs. Aires and Berger and the entire staff of PermaDontics are dedicated to helping people like you!
Many patients have related to us their stories of trying to live with painful teeth and the embarrassment they feel in social gatherings.  To read more stories like these, please visit:

PermaDontics Features:
·      Same Day Teeth:  Most patients receive a permanent set of new dental implants in one day!
·      Experience:  A Team of doctors with 55+ years of dental implant experience in their fields
·      Convenience:  All dental implant services are provided under one roof
·      Leadership:  Our dental implant team regularly teaches their innovative Same Day Teeth procedure to doctors and other members of the medical community

A Patient’s first visit is FREE!   Their new life begins with just one call where they can schedule their FREE dental implant consultation, with complimentary 3D CAT Scan.  (A $550 Value)  They may call:  877-SMILE-AGAIN.

Same Day Teeth come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

For further information, please contact:
Dan Huslin, CEO
Office:  619-916-3664
Cell:  619-253-5208
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