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Dental Implant Recipient and WWII Veteran Says Age Was Not a Factor

At age 96, WWII Veteran and participant in the Guadalcanal campaign as a US Marine, Clift LaPerroque decided that he was tired of living with missing teeth. 

“I was in pain.  I couldn’t eat what I wanted,” said LaPerroque.  After learning about PermaDontics and their Innovative Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure, he decided to do something about his situation.  He continues, “I met with my primary doctor and talked to him about dental implants.  He told me I was so healthy I could live another 15-20 years.  And I thought to myself ‘How do I want to live those remaining years?’” After speaking with his wife, who gave him the ‘okay,’ LaPerroque met with the dental implant team at PermaDontics.

  “I called PermaDontics and made an appointment.  When I got to PermaDontics, everyone was so nice.  I met with Mary, an implant coordinator and she gave me a tour of PermaDontics.  I met with the doctors, too.  They answered all of my questions and explained the Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure to me,” he said. 

“I was so impressed with the doctors and their experience that I decided I didn’t need to look anymore.” Drs. Berger and Aires performed Mr. LaPerroque’s Same Day Teeth procedure.  In just one day, they removed his remaining teeth, inserted his dental implants and placed his new set of teeth in both his upper and lower jaws.  LaPerroque reported that the Same Day Teeth dental implant process caused him very little discomfort.  “I’ve had worse problems with cavities,” he said. Since completing his Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure at PermaDontics, Mr. LaPerroque has noticed a difference in his health.  “I started eating better,” he said.  “You can’t imagine how much I enjoy eating steak and corn-on-the-cob again!  And because I was eating better, I started to notice that I had more energy!” In the year since his Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure, Mr. LaPerroque has only one regret:  “I wish I had come to PermaDontics sooner!”


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