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Dental implants vs Bridge or Dentures

If your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, then your teeth are the gatekeepers.

Implants all on sixA healthy mouth, free of disease and full of strong, healthy teeth can go a long way towards improving your well-being. Your teeth face difficult challenges every day. When you are faced with the decision to replacing missing teeth, it is imperative to choose a solution that is worthy of the challenge. For this reason, it is necessary to replace missing teeth, not for cosmetic reasons, but because your teeth have important work to accomplish.

Compared to bridges and dentures, oral surgeons in San Diego agree that dental implants are the tooth replacement solution most capable of working as hard as your natural teeth. Strong. 

Since dental implants are so well- accepted by the body, the bond between the implant and your jaw bone is amazingly strong. The jaw bone integrates with the specially designed surface of the implant, forming a bond that can withstand the extreme forces of chewing and biting. In comparison, a denture floats above the gum line, completely unanchored or attached. A bridge is permanently bonded to at least two natural teeth, but is not anchored to the bone at the site of the missing tooth. Conservative. Dental implants not only replace the missing tooth, they also replace the missing tooth root.

By replacing the tooth root, bone loss is significantly reduced, and the fullness and youthful shape of the face is preserved. Since bridges and denturesdo not replace the missing tooth root, they are not effective for conserving bone structure. In addition, bridges require that at least two neighboring teeth be grinded down to serve as anchors.

Partial dentures rely on metal hooks and clasps that create stress on neighboring teeth, and complete dentures are only effective when all of the upper or lower teeth are missing. You can trust our oral surgeons to recommend the treatment option that is best for your particular needs. Fortunately, dental implants are almost always the best available option. In addition to the functional advantages, most patients would agree that implants are the most natural-looking and most comfortable option. Call 1-866-737-6583 to schedule your consultation today to discover if implants are right for you!

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