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Dental implants: Will I need a bone graft?

Dental Implants come with a series of fears from the prospective patient standpoint.

When you schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon in Encinitas, your initial comprehensive examination is vital to the success of the procedure. Your medical and dental histories will be reviewed, and specialized diagnostic tools will be utilized to determine if implants are a suitable choice for you.

Under the appropriate circumstances, dental implants are the most predictable and most highly favored tooth replacement solution among dental professionals and patients alike. Much of the success of thedental implant procedure can be credited to the relationship between the implant post and the bone. The implant is a uniquely prepared titanium post that promotes the formation of a secure bond with the bone. In time, the bone becomes integrated with the implant and your replacement tooth is permanently anchored to your jaw.

The titanium is readily accepted by the body and rarely rejected. Since the success of the procedure is so largely dependent on the integration of the implant and the bone, it is critically important that there be enough bone available to facilitate the process.

In some instances, you may be lacking the proper bone volume to support the planned implant. The jawbone may not be thick enough, wide enough, or deep enough to completely cover the implant. Sometimes there are natural concavities or other anatomical findings that may cause the bone to be deemed inadequate. Your oral surgeon may recommend a bone graft to add volume and bulk in preparation for the implant. Typically bone will be grafted from a similar bone in your body.

Occasionally, cadaver or synthetic bone may be utilized. The choice to incorporate a bone graft procedure may add additional healing time to the implant process, but can also add a tremendous amount of support in an area that may not otherwise be able to support your new tooth. If you are considering dental implants to replace missing teeth, but are unsure about the shape or volume of your bone, contact our implant dentistry team to schedule an appointment to find out if a bone graft is right for you.

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