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Free Consultation Allows Prospective Patients to Accurately Budget for the Cost of Dental Implants

Helping Prospective Patients Budget for the cost of dental implants is a priority at PermaDontics, Southern California’s Premier Dental Implant Provider.

At PermaDontics, budgeting for the cost of dental implants is a major focus.  As Southern California’s Premier Dental Implant Provider, PermaDontics’ dental implant team employs a variety of techniques to help make dental implants affordable for more people.  One of them is the Free Consultation which allows people to budget for the costs of dental implants.

How much do dental implants cost?” is one of the most asked questions by our prospective patients, said Dr. Ian Aires, Prosthodontist and co-founder of PermaDontics.  “In these economic times, we understand that the costs of dental implants are very important to people and want to provide the most accurate cost pricing possible.  So we developed a process where people who are interested can receive a free consultation, complete with a complimentary 3D XRay and have their specific dental implant costs addressed.”

Because every prospective patient's situation and needs are different, it is necessary to see them in person and assess their medical needs and dental implant costs.  After this consultation, an accurate price quote can be developed and a treatment plan put in place.

“Patients ask us why we can’t give them a price over the phone and we explain that it’s kind of like asking your eye doctor to write you a new prescription for glasses over the phone, without ever having you in to their office,” said Karla Svec, Office Manager of PermaDontics.  She continues, “The good news is that, if they invest an hour of their time, we can provide them with a personalized treatment plan and a firm and fixed price quote so that they can then budget for the costs of dental implants.”

To find out more about PermaDontics Free Consultation and Complimentary 3D XRay, please visit the PermaDontics Payment Options Page.  On it, you will see a step-by-step process of a typical Free Consultation so you can see how PermaDontics develops their costs for dental implants.

About PermaDontics

PermaDontics is Southern California’s Premier Dental Implant Provider and the winner of the 2011 San Diego’s Best Dental Implant Center as voted by the Union Tribune’s readers.
PermaDontics was founded by Dr. Joel Berger and Dr. Ian Aires.  Drs. Berger and Aires have been collaborating together for over 26 years, making them the most experienced dental implant team in Southern California.

This life-changing process restores self-esteem and makes PermaDontics dental implant patients whole again.  Virtually overnight, patients can enjoy eating and regain the confidence to smile.  Same Day Teeth dental implants come with a Lifetime Guarantee.


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