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PermaDontics awarded Best Dental Implant Center for the Third Consecutive Year

PermaDontics is the recipient of San Diego’s Best Dental Implant Center Award for the third consecutive year.

  PermaDontics, Southern California’s Premier Dental Implant Center and home of the Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure has been recognized as San Diego’s Best Dental Implant Center for the third consecutive year by readers of the UT.

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“We’re pleased San Diegans agree that innovations like pre-planning our procedures on 3-D medical models help make PermaDontics a center for excellence,” said Dr. Joel Berger, Oral Surgeon and co-founder of PermaDontics.  He continued, “These innovations show a clear difference between PermaDontics Same Day Teeth and other providers.”

The PermaDontics Difference

The dental implant team at PermaDontics understands that the decision to select a dental implant provider is an important one.  PermaDontics has identified five key areas where we feel we surpass our competition:

1.Experience: Starting with their doctors, PermaDontics features the most experienced dental implant team in San Diego. Drs. Berger and Aires have been performing dental implant procedures together for over 20 years.  Dr. Ben Javid joins the PermaDontics team with over 12 years of prosthodontics experience.

2. 3-D Medical Model:  It all begins with a precise 3D CAT Scan of a patients mouth.  This allows for a very accurate 3D stereo-lithic model of a patients mouth to be made, complete with all of its anatomical procedures.  The doctors actually pre-plan their Same Day Teeth Procedure on the 3D model, thereby minimizing risk and assuring a positive outcome.

3. 5 Implants are Better than 4:  PermaDontics recommends at least five and sometimes six implants (all on six)for our Same Day Teeth.  Other implant providers typically recommend using only 4 dental implants to replace twelve or more teeth.  While this may work for some people, it may be a costly shortcut should an implant be compromised. 

4. Hospital-certified OR:  For the safety and comfort of their patients, PermaDontics featureshospital-certified Operating Room where we perform our Same Day Teeth Procedure.

5. Anesthesiologist: Each Same Day Teeth Procedure has a board certified anesthesiologist presiding over it.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as San Diego’s BEST dental implant center for the 3rd consecutive year,” said Dr. Ian Aires, Prosthodontist and co-founder of PermaDontics.  “Dr. Berger and I have put a lot of time into perfecting our Same Day Teeth procedure and it is gratifying to see that San Diegans recognize our pursuit of excellence.”

“And, we’re proud to be able to transform our patient’s lives with our Same Day Teeth dental implants, said Dr. Ben Javid, Prosthodontist.

About PermaDontics

PermaDontics is Southern California’s Premier Dental Implant Provider and the winner of the 2011 San Diego’s Best Dental Implant Center as voted by the Union Tribune’s readers.

PermaDontics was founded by Dr. Joel Berger and Dr. Ian Aires.  Drs. Berger and Aires have been collaborating together for over 26 years, making them the most experienced dental implant team in Southern California. 

A recent study has shown that PermaDontics Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure now has a documented success rate of 99.4%.  The Same Day Teeth procedure features the use of 5 and sometimes 6 dental implants for additional security. 

This life-changing process restores self-esteem and makes PermaDontics dental implant patients whole again.  Virtually overnight, patients can enjoy eating and regain the confidence to smile.  Same Day Teeth dental implants come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

PermaDontics is located at:

8008 Frost Street, Ste. 300

San Diego, CA 92123


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