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Prosthodontist Dr. Ian Aires to Present PermaDontics’ Same Day Teeth Procedure at International Congress of Oral Implantologists

  This February, Dr. Ian Aires, Prosthodontist and co-founder of PermaDontics, Southern California’s Premier Dental Implant Center will be presenting the innovative Same Day Teeth procedure at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, or ICOI.  Joining him will be his fellow PermaDontics co-founder, Dr. Joel Berger, Oral Surgeon.

The 2012 ICOI meeting is designed to cover the future of dental implantology.  Attendees can expect to further their understanding of dental implantology with specific attention to:  What to do and How to do it.  According to the ICOI website, “the programs at ICOI foster a supportive and team-oriented relationship between the restorative dentist, surgeon and laboratory technician.” Prosthodontists and oral maxillofacial surgeons from around the world are expected to attend.  “We are very excited to be invited to speak at the upcoming ICOI meeting,” said Dr. Ian Aires,leading prosthodontist and co-founder of PermaDontics.  “Dr. Berger and I have been working on a collaborative basis for many years and look forward to reviewing our work with our peers.  I have been deeply involved in the prosthodontics field since 1981 and am proud of our achievements.”
 Dr. Aires is also the founder of the San Diego Prosthodontic Society. Over the past 15+ years, Drs. Berger and Aires have developed and perfected their innovative Same Day Teeth dental implant process where patients receive a complete set of permanent teeth in a single day.  The doctors have a documented 98.4% success rate using their Same Day Teeth procedure. Benefits of Same Day Teeth include:  decreased healing time and discomfort; immediate function of new teeth and the permanent restoration of the teeth and mouth.  
This life-changing process has been shown to restore self-esteem and even the overall health of a PermaDontics patient.  Virtually overnight, patients can return to a healthy nutritious diet, which they may have been prevented from due to missing teeth, decaying teeth or poorly fitting dentures.  Many patients report enjoying eating again and that they regain their confidence to smile and re-engage socially.  
Same Day Teeth come with a Lifetime Guarantee. The doctors will be speaking February 16th at 8:00 AM.  Further information will be forthcoming. About PermaDontics Recently voted San Diego’s Best Dental Implant Center in the San Diego Union Tribune’s Reader Poll, PermaDontics was founded by Dr. Joel Berger and Dr. Ian Aires.  Drs. Berger and Aires have been collaborating together for over 26 years, making them the most experienced dental implant team in Southern California.


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