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Same Day Teeth Dental Implants Restore Blessing's Smile

World renowned dental implant team at PermaDontics is donating their Same Day Teeth procedure to restore a young man's smile damaged in a tragic accident.

As a young boy living in Zimbabwe, Blessing Makwera suffered a horrible life-chaning accident. While playing outdoors, he found a small device with two wires coming out of it. In order to free his hands to the the wires to a batter, he placed the device in his outh. When the wires made contact with the battery, the device exploaded. The device was a landmine detonator. Blessing suffered severe damage to his mouth, including the loss of his lower jaw and most of his teeth.

Due to the extensive damage, Blessing had difficulty eating and communicating. Years later, as an adult, he appealed to Operation of Hope, an international charity that connects patients in need with medical specialists. An exhaustive search, spanning 5 years, led Operation of Hope to a highly specialized team of doctors out of SHARP Healthcare in San Diego, California. This team would make national headlines with their innoative plan to reconstuct Blessing's damaged mouth. Happy to be a part of this team is Dr. Joel Berger, co-creator of the PermaDontics Same Day Teeth procedure

"As an oral surgeon, my first task was to create a new lower jaw for Blessing," said Dr. Berger. "We were able to borrow a portion of his fibula, using delicate microsurgery techniques, shape it into a new mandible. We connected the nerves and blood vessels to it, thereby ensuring its efficacy."

On March 2, 2013, Blessing endures a 10 hour-long surgery. The specialty team of doctors was able to successfully place the new lower jaw. Blessing has remained in the United States for follow up care to this ground-breaking procedure and now eight months later, he is ready for the final step in his recover - Same Day Teeth dental implants.

PermaDontics is pleased to announce that Blessing Makwera will be receiving his permanent Same Day Teethon November 5th, 2013.

"It truly is an honor to be involved in this case," said Dr. Ian Aires, prosthodontist and co-creator of Same Day Teeth. "Blessing is a nice young man with such a bright future ahead of him. We are glad to be able to help and can't wait to see his new smile!"

For those interested in learning more about PermaDontics and their Same Day Teeth Dental Implant procedure, they are encouraged to call 866-Resolve or go to:

About PermaDontics

PermaDontics is Southern California’s Premier Dental Implant Provider and the winner of the 2011 San Diego’s Best Dental Implant Center as voted by the Union Tribune’s readers.

PermaDontics was founded by Dr. Joel Berger and Dr. Ian Aires. Drs. Berger and Aires have been collaborating together for over 26 years, making them the most experienced dental implant team in Southern California.

A recent study has shown that PermaDontics Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure now has a documented success rate of 99.4%. The Same Day Teeth procedure features the use of 5 and sometimes 6 dental implants for additional security.  


This life-changing process restores self-esteem and makes PermaDontics dental implant patients whole again. Virtually overnight, patients can enjoy eating and regain the confidence to smile. Same Day Teeth dental implants come with a Lifetime Guarantee.


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