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Same Day Teeth: What is the process?

Dealing with tooth loss can be a devastating experience. The loss of your chewing capacity is unhealthy and uncomfortable.

The blow to your self-image is heartbreaking. Dentures and partials are well-accepted solutions for replacing the lost teeth, but many patients are unwilling or unable to suffer even a day without teeth. For this very understandable reason, the option to have Same Day Teeth has become very attractive. To produce Same Day Teeth in San Diego, your oral surgeon will utilize a combination of dentures and dental implants for an amazingly stable smile. Dentures are an effective method of replacing all of the upper or lower teeth.

Unfortunately, traditional dentures tend to fit poorly as the shape of the mouth changes. When teeth are missing, the jawbone shrinks, no longer providing a strong foundation to secure the denture. By adding dental implants, your oral surgeon can essentially stop bone shrinkage as well as provide an anchor for your denture. The initial phase of the process includes a comprehensive review of your medical and dental histories. It is important to confirm that you are healthy enough to tolerate an oral surgery procedure. Your oral surgeon will use x-rays to evaluate the structure of your jaw bone and other anatomical structures such as the sinuses and nerve pathways. Once your treatment has been planned, a series of titanium dental implants will be strategically placed into the bone.

The implants are typically well-accepted by the body, fusing with the bone for a permanent bond. For a secure foundation, at least five dental implants are recommended. Immediately after the dental implants are in place, they are strong enough to support your new denture. The implants will be specially designed to attach to your denture. Once the denture has been attached, you can comfortably enjoy normal eating and drinking. For our patients, Same Day Teeth are an example of the very best that dentistry has to offer. The ability to enjoy a complete set of teeth with no worries about slipping or shifting has changed the lives of many. The option of walking away with those teeth today can only sweeten the reward. To find out how Same Day Teeth can change your life, call 866-737-6583 for your appointment today.

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