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What are Snap-on Dentures?

Whenever possible, it is best to save as many of your natural teeth as possible. Your natural teeth are not only a cosmetic asset, but a functional necessity as well. When it has become impossible to save your natural teeth, the best solution is typically the one that most closely mimics them. To closely mimic the natural teeth, your tooth replacement option must be:


  • Comfortable
  • Secure
  • Low maintenance
  • Esthetically pleasing
  • Capable of replacing lost chewing surfaces
  • Economical

When all of the upper and or lower teeth are missing, it becomes increasingly difficult to address all of these concerns. Some tooth replacement options can satisfy some of the criteria, while falling short of others. A full denture is a low maintenance and affordable way to replace all of the missing teeth.

The denture can even be designed to look natural. But, where there are no teeth, there is no bone. Because the denture only replaces the missing teeth and not the missing roots, bone loss tends to occur rapidly. This leads to instability, loose dentures, and a general loss of function.

For many decades, dental implants have been the most desired solution for replacing single teeth, but not commonly utilized for the total reconstruction of the entire chewing surface.

Dental implants replace not only the missing tooth, but also the missing tooth root, preserving the bone and providing a sturdy, comfortable chewing surface. The implants require little daily maintenance, and can be customized for a comfortable and natural appearance.

Snap-on dentures offer the best of both worlds for completely edentulous patients. By combining the full chewing surface and affordability of the denture with the durability and comfort of the implant, you can feel attractive and confident about your smile. Snap-on dentures utilize a minimal number of titanium dental implants acting as anchors for a full denture.

The denture attaches or “snaps on” to the implants, increasing your comfort and confidence, eliminating the need for denture pastes and creams. With snap-on dentures, you will no longer feel insecure in intimate social situations. And you’ll stop wasting money on products designed to help your denture stay in place. Schedule an appointment to explore the possibility of transitioning to snap-on dentures in San Diego.  Your true smile awaits you.

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