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What causes bone loss around teeth?

Your jawbone serves many important functions. The bone provides a foundation of support for your teeth.

It also serves as the structure for your facial profile. When bone loss occurs, teeth are often lost. Bone loss that occurs after the teeth are lost can dramatically change the shape of your face as well as your outward appearance. The fullness of the cheeks, lips, and the prominence of the jaw are all dependent on the structure of the underlying bone. When bone loss occurs, an oral surgeon in San Diego can help to restore your smile. Your oral surgeon is an invaluable resource for solutions such as dental implants, bone grafting, and sinus augmentation. Bone loss sometimes occurs in response to periodontal disease. Bacterial toxins can cause damage to the structures below the gum line that support the teeth, primarily the bone. If preventative treatment or periodontal therapies are not provided, the extent of bone destruction can progress significantly.

By design, the teeth are necessary to maintain the bone structure, and bone is necessary to hold teeth in place. When tooth loss occurs, bone loss soon follows. Patients who have lost teeth due to disease, trauma, or extraction often experience bone loss as well. In essence, bone loss can continue to progress well after the natural teeth are gone. Fortunately, there are solutions for bone loss. Your oral surgeon has been extensively trained to evaluate the density and degree of bone in each patient. Depending on the needs of each patient, bone grafting and/or bone augmentation procedures can be impressively successful in stimulating the growth of your natural bone. These procedures are also used to place new bone in an area where sufficient bone is lacking. It is important to determine the cause of bone loss, and equally important to take measures that can prevent future bone loss. If bone loss is a reality for you, call our team of oral surgeons to discuss your options today.

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