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The PermaDontics Institute℠ was founded by Dr. Aires and Dr. Berger as a means of expanding the knowledge and reach of their unique process of permanent teeth replacement. If you are a dental professional, you can go to the PermaDontics Institute to learn more about our innovative Full Guided Seminars.

Our Doctors are not only highly skilled practitioners but highly regarded educators. They have presented important papers internationally and meet with dentists and oral surgeons to spread the great news about PermaDontics.

The Institute features a state-of-the-art learning center, where attending doctors can view via high definition, closed circuit television, every step of the Same Day Teeth procedure. The classroom features interconnectivity so that those in attendance can ask questions and get answerers directly from Dr. Berger and Dr. Aires throughout the procedure.

Additionally, doctors are able to see the implants being manufactured and fitted at the time of the procedure in our in-house lab.

For more information on The PermaDontics Institute, please contact us at: 866-RESOLVE.  Or, please visit the Institute website at:

Are you still spending four-and-a-half hours to convert a denture to a fixed prosthesis at stage one surgery? Concerned about achieving precise and predictable patient specific outcomes? Do you find yourself continually repairing patients’ denture teeth on the long term provisionals, costing you valuable time and resources? Are you losing valuable time using the arduous process of converting dentures to immediate load prostheses?


If you answered “Yes” to any of the previous questions, then you need to be at our next Fully Guided seminar!

2016 Seminar Dates

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016

For more information, download the brochure here.


2015 Seminar Dates

Jan. 22 – 23 Full!

Mar. 12 – 13 Full!

Apr. 10-11 Full!

May 15 – 16 Full!

Jun. 5 - 6 Full!

Jul. 24-25 Full!

Oct. 23-24 Full!

Dec. 4-5 Full!


The following is a schedule of lectures to be given to our fellow dental pratitioners in 2015.

Treating the Terminal Dentate Patient at the Sheraton Tucson on February 20, 2015.  Download the brochure here.


The following is a schedule of lectures given to our fellow dental practitioners in 2014.

April 12, 2014:  Dr. Aires and Dr. Berger will be presenting "PermaDontics Pearls - Full Arch Reconstruction with Immediate Load Prosthesis" at the Jack Kent Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Pearls III Course in New Orleans, LA.


The following is a schedule of lectures given to our fellow dental practitioners in the PermaDontics Implant Conference Center for the year 2013.

January 17, 2013: Immediate load applications in restorative

dentistry, individual, unilateral and full arch cases.


March 21, 2013: Immediate treatment planning full arch cases, virtual treatment plans versus analog treatment plans. This will be presented by Dr. Berger, Dr. Aires and Dan Loop from nSequence Dental Labs.


May 16, 2013: Immediate load Stage I, fabrication of the temporary prosthesis, both single arches and double arches, presented by Dr. Berger and Dr. Aires, and master technician Roger Caceros.


 July 18, 2013: Immediate load, fabrication of a milled bar final prosthesis which includes a milled zirconia prosthesis versus titanium milled bar and acrylic prosthesis. Fabrication of the verification jig and technical details will be explained.


September 19, 2013: Technique lab where participants will actually fabricate verification jigs and participate in treatment planning of different cases.


We look forward to your participation in the 2013 Implant Course.


2012 Events:

February 23 and 24, 9AM to 3PM each day

The Union Tribune Successful Aging Expo

Town & Country Convention Center

Join us at the 4th annual Successful Aging Expo, Saturday Febuary 23 and Sunday February 24 from 9AM to 3PM.  PermaDontics will be exhibiting on the convention floor.  Come by and meet some actual Same Day Teeth recipientsand hear their stories in person.  On Saturday, our doctors will be presenting their Same Day Teeth Procedure in a talk designed for people interested in learning more about dental implants.  If you are trying to decide if dental implants are right for you, you shouldn't miss this!  The presentation is scheduled for 11:15AM on Saturday, February 23rd.  We look forward to seeing you there!

October 18, 2012  (5:30-9PM)

The New Era In Implant Dentistry is Immediate Loading

Don't let your patients be taken away from you!

Presented by:

Ian Aires, DDS

Joel S. Berger, DDS, MD

Be among the first to treatment plan those patients who struggle with missing teeth, ill-fitting partials and dentures.  Be among the first dentists to restore their implants with a final full-arch fixed prosthesis.  It is easier than it sounds!  Let us show you how rewarding it is  to restore these patients' teeth and give them a winning smile.

To register, please call  Karla Svec, Office Manager at PermaDontics:  858-292-5050.

Please note:  This course is intended for clinicians.  (Refreshments will be served).

February 2012

International Congress of Oral Implantologists

2012 Winter Symposium February 16-18, 2012, San Diego, CA

Drs. Berger and Aires will be presenting a four hour lecture on their Same Day Teeth Procedure. Stay tuned for more details.

Treatment Planning and Restoring the Single Posterior Implant

(A Four Part Series)

Presented by Ian Aires, DDS

Hosted by Ian Aires, DDS and Joel Berger, DDS, MD

Dates: Session 1 (September 20, 2011)

Session 2 (November 1, 2011)

Session 3 (December 6, 2011)

Session 4 (January 10, 2012)

Course Objectives:

* Master step-by-step treatment planning and restoration on your own patient.

* Gain Proficiency in diagnosis and treatment planning.

* Transform restorative decision-making and execution into a simple and easy process.

* Learn how to manage complications.

* Learn How to gain patient acceptance for implant treatment.

Location: PermaDontics Offices

Download the registration form and full syllabus HERE.


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