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We understand that the decision to select a dental implant provider is an important one.  When looking at PermaDontics, you may wish to consider the five key areas where we feel we surpass our competition:  our Experience, our use of a 3-D Model, our use of 5 and sometime 6 implants per arch of teeth, our hospital-certified Operatory and the fact that we have an anesthesiologist presiding over each Same Day Teeth Procedure.


1.  Our Dental Implant Experience

Starting with our doctors, PermaDontics features the most experienced dental implant team in San Diego.  For example, Dr. Berger has been performing dental implant procedures together for over 25 years.  Many years of work in their fields and innovation are the hallmarks of our team.

  • Dr. Berger is a board certified maxillofacial oral surgeon with over 26 years of experience in his field.
  • Dr. Berger has served as Chief of Surgery for Sharp Memorial Hospital and Rady Children's Hospital.
  • Dr. Berger is internationally recognized for his expertise and is a well known speaker and author on the subjects of oral surgery and dental implantology.
  • Over the past 20 years, Dr Berger has perfected an innovative dental implant process, known as Same Day Teeth.
  • Dr. Berger is a clinical professor at the University of California San Diego - Division of Plastic Surgery.
  • Dr. Berger has presented the innovative Same Day Teeth Process to audiences of his peers, both nationally and internationally.
  • Dr. Krueger is one of the leading Prosthodontists in Southern California, specializing not only on fit and function of replacement teeth, but their life-like appearance, as well.
  • Our on-site Master Dental Technicians oversee the crafting of the Same Day Teeth, ensuring that they are perfect for each of our patients.


2.  Our 3-D Model

The Same Day Teeth procedure allows for the removal and immediate replacement of a patients full set of teeth in the upper, lower or both jaws.

  • It all begins with a precise 3D CAT Scan of a patients mouth.  This allows for a very accurate 3D stereo-lithic model of a patients mouth to be made, complete with all of its anatomical procedures.
  • The doctors actually pre-plan their Same Day Teeth Procedure on the 3D model, thereby minimizing risk and assuring a positive outcome.
  • A patient-specific surgical guide for the placement of dental implants is made based upon the model.
  • Dental Implants are placed in the model to ensure accuracy and success.
  • A temporary arch (set of teeth) is made based upon the 3D model measurements.
  • The arch is set and tested on the model.
  • On the day of surgery, the successful work on the 3D model is repeated on the patient.  This allows for a significant time-savings for the patient.


3.  Our Use of 5 and Sometimes 6 Dental Implants per Arch of Teeth Versus The All-On-Four Technique

  • Many dentists and implant centers recommend using only 4 dental implants (All-on-Four) to replace twelve or more teeth.  While the All-on-Four Technique may work for some people, it may be a costly shortcut.
  • Research has shown that using only four dental implants may put too much strain on the implants.  And, should one of the All-On-Four dental implants fail, the whole arch of teeth is compromised.  Additional surgery would then be required.
  • At PermaDontics, we recommend at least five and sometimes six implants for our Same Day Teeth.  For roughly the same cost as an All-on-Four Procedure, a fifth dental implant in our Same Day Teeth Procedure ensures the stability of your new teeth and provides peace of mind.


4.  Our Hospital-Certified Operatory

  • For the safety and comfort of our patients, PermaDontics features a hospital-certified Operating Room where we perform our Same Day Teeth Procedure.


5.  Board Certified Anesthesiologist

  • Some implant providers require their oral surgeon to do "double-duty" by administering anesthesia to their patients while also performing their dental implant surgery.
  • At PermaDontics, a board certified anesthesiologist is in attendance during each Same Day Teeth procedure.


As you can see, PermaDontics is more than a dental office and much more than a dental practice.  PermaDontics is a complete, All-In-One, dental implant center designed with the patient's oral health in mind.  We are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of the mouth as it relates to teeth that are about to be lost, periodontal disease, fractured or decayed teeth and missing teeth.  The PermaDontics' team is proud to offer comprehensive diagnosis, understandable answers and effective treatment - - all under one roof.  

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